Packaging Tips : 5 essential things your brand shouldn’t miss out displaying on the packaging

Designing an ideal packaging for a product isn’t every brand’s cup of tea. It requires you to identify what brand essentials you want to display for the package to stand out. After all, a design is what entices your target audience to purchase your product. It basically holds the key to truth: whether a customers would buy your product or not. To make sure your brand never saturates any sales opportunities, we have listed some of the must-have elements of packaging:

Of all the elements, without a brand name and logo a packaging remains incomplete. A brand name and a logo give an identity to your product. You can also choose to trademark the logo, which will be useful if anyone attempts to plagiarize with the logo. The symbol gives a unique identity to your product
Quality compliance is yet another vital factor to be included on the packaging, which lets the consumers to know about the quality of the product. This information is also necessary to be displayed to prove that your product complies with the standards set as required by any industry. One more reason to include compliance standard is that it gives your product a competitive edge, which makes your brand to get sales advantage.Quality-Assurance
If you are selling any packaged food or a pharmaceutical product, keep space for special features/ingredients used column. This is a way of educating consumers regarding the product. Products issued with patents (represented with symbol icons or unique words) are saved from any type of copying.
Edible products should be having an expiry date as this ensures safety of the consumers who are buying the product. If you notice any product packaging, you will notice that every packaged product features a date of expiry along with manufacturing date.
When it comes to food, medicines or any other product, a warning note is included at the end of packaging. Tobacco product packaging is the best example, which has a message stating “Smoking Kills.”

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