How to create an epic brand by picking the perfect color pattern for packaging?

If we tell you that 93% of consumers consider the visual appearance of a product above all other factors like texture when purchasing a product. Color helps your brand to establish a distinct identity. For example: in case of soft drink, you can easily associate red color with Coca Cola.

Selecting the right color for packaging should be sensible as it is about brand recognition. According to some studies, consumers decide about a product purchase within just 90 seconds and 90% of their decision are influenced based on a color.

Why it matters to select a perfect color for packaging?

  • Symbolizes your product
  • Represents your brand’s personality
  • Helps you brand to differentiate from competitors

Color increases brand recognition by 80%. Each color conveys an idea about your brand and is associated with distinct industry categories. Before we help you out in choosing the perfect color, let’s get to know color psychology from the point of view of consumers.


If you’re confused how to pick color for the brand, here are some of the factors you should consider.

Know your industry:

For a start-up, which is product-based it is crucial to carefully choose a packaging color that suits the type of product you’re selling. Your brand can experiment with color palettes to come to a conclusion how it will go with your product.

Know your target audience:

The most vital part of the entire process is knowing who are your target customers. As mentioned earlier, color makes the greatest impact on consumers. For food products, colours like red, green and yellow have been shown to increase hunger and impulse purchases, hence these colors are pervasively used by food chains and manufacturers.

Be a trend-setter from your competitors:

Whenever you choose color for a particular product, make sure it is way ahead from the usual choices and different from competitors. A brand’s differentiation lies in being able to stand out from the rest. At the same time, make sure your brand is giving the right impressions in the type of industry you are in.

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