5 Tricks to help you control mounting packaging costs

Before we begin with cost saving for product packaging, did you know that nearly 42 percent brands are willing to pay more for sustainable paper products and packaging.

Whether your brand is an established or just an entrepreneur, we know you want to ensure that your product makes a good profit and for that matter it is vital that packaging is of good quality and efficient. It’s no doubt that a sustainable packaging is essential, but one should also think about controlling costs. Investing wisely in product packaging is definitely worth it, if you’re one those brands, which is looking to save on materials used here are some of the ways you brand can reduce packaging price.


Cost-Reduction-Vs-Cost-Control2Better quality material within budget:

Often, brands opt for poor or low quality material to pack the product, however; many of them do not realize that this could put off customers. Not using good quality materials may cost your brand heavily in the future. Make sure to set your budget appropriately just for the material as packaging involves design and other miscellaneous costs.

Reduce suppliers list:

Every brand wants to create a striking impact on consumers, hence you must ensure that your product has the best look. The game-changing look can be attained even by less involvement of suppliers. Most of the times, a large proportion of packaging cost comprises of seeking suppliers for designing, implementation, materials and among others. Your brand can still design an impressive package by setting up in-house resources for designing and other roles. This could help you save some amount of money.

Negotiation and inventory:

Giving a thought to package costing once, sporadically is a wise thing to do. If your brand is dealing with different mediators then it is recommended to try negotiation. You can also control your inventory which is there in excess or you may not have been using it for a while. This will help to cut down on cost. In addition, when buying inventory in bulk, don’t forget to negotiate with the dealer.

Use lightweight materials:

Control your shipping costs by using lightweight material. Rather than opting for plastic materials for packaging, which is harmful for the environment, it is better to use paper which is both lightweight and biodegradable possessing many properties, thereby lowering package weight and cost. In addition to this, the material helps to reduce carbon footprint.

Opt digital printing:

Printing could drive up your product’s packaging cost, hence it is better to opt to go digital. This low cost option could help your brand save on revenue. Digital printing is the most conventional methods to control mounting packaging cost.

Now that you know some of the ways to control packaging costs, we are expecting your brand excels at implementing these changes at your end, thereby cutting down the costing to some extent.

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