3 Ways To Improving Your Brand’s Beverage Packaging For Sales Growth

Today’s consumers are tech-savvy and mobile-friendly, which is influencing their choices and shopping trends. When buying products, people are not just concerned about inside elements of the product, but also giving pivotal preference to the overall look of the packaging of a product. Talking about beverage packaging, consumers are selecting brands who are using flexible beverage packaging like stand up pouches keeping up with modern lifestyle changes.

Particularly in beer and soft drinks section, brands are experimenting with smaller packaging options. It is very tricky for beverage brands when packaging liquids and beverages as they must be stored and transported cautiously, while at the same time ensuring that its quality remains unharmed.

Here are three ways to improve beverage packaging:

Mini cans:

One of the trend in packaging that is making a mark in beverage packaging Industry is mini cans and bottles. Well-known carbonated beverage makers have used mini cans to push sales. This type of packaging was targeted to attract consumers from urban, semi-urban and rural markets. Reduced-sized packaging is as of now brands invigorate sales of soft drinks.
See-through packaging:

Beverages currently are packaged in clear plastic bottles. Juices or soft drinks when packed in see-through design concept are visually more appealing considering the design is beautiful and outstanding. See-through is perceived as ‘natural’ by many shoppers. One is for sure that your brand can go for this type of packaging, but it is also a problem for beverage brands as light causes the food to degrade.
Stand up pouches:

As compared to glass bottles and rigid plastic bottles that are hazardous to the environment, stand pouches are a great option for liquids and beverages. These pouches have spouts, which  enables consumers to pour the beverage easily. This is the growing trend and it is anticipated that the usage of stand-up pouches will grow 7% each year till 2018. Unlike rigid plastics, pouches use 60% less plastic, thus giving your brand differentiation and visibility.


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