3 Common Pharmaceutical Packaging Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid Right Now


Packaging for medicines plays a crucial role as it is meant for treatment of patients. A safe packaging guards the medicines against contamination, protects the shelf life and prevents microbial growth. Pharmaceutical packaging should provide convenience to consumers and ensure ease as well as storage, which can be achieved with a suitable packaging material. However, some brands overlook small pharmaceutical packaging issues which could lead to big blunders:

Losing quality with poor packaging:

Many medicines lose the authenticity due to poor packaging. There could be problems of cuts, slits which may unknowingly happen during transportation or storage. Poor packaging damages the quality of the medicines, as well as its contents.

Qualifying packaging for compatibility:

Without preliminary evaluation of packaging material, one cannot qualify a product for compatibility. Your brand could incur increased validation costs when packaging of the product fails. In some of the typical observations, brands that overlook pre-qualification of the type of packaging material have reported cases of packaged getting damaged.

Keeping less gaps:

In pharmaceutical packaging, especially blisters packs, the gaps between tablets ensures that medicines do not get mixed with other adjacent tablets or get oxidized. Also, even this the standard regulation, which the packaging industry insists on for keeping maximum spaces to avoid tampering and enable increased shelf life. Extra space enables efficient packaging when a brand standardizes a box size, thus reducing total cost.

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