3 Benefits You Don’t Know About Smart Packaging Trend


We keep hearing a lot about packaging trends, designs and other things. One of the trends that is prevailing in the packaging industry is ‘Smart Packaging’. You may have come across this term, but have you given a thought what it means or rather what is its purpose? Basically, it helps to safeguard and maintain the quality of pharmaceuticals, food items, among others. It consists of intelligent and active packaging. The former deals with delivering important information about a product, while the latter enhances functionality.

According to Ernst and Young research reports the Smart Packaging segment is estimated to reach nearly $40 billion by 2020. Protection, Communication, Containment and Convenience are the reasons why your organization should choose smart packaging? Does your current packaging design satisfy four requirements?

Does your package helps to attract and retain target customers? Here are some must-know things you should know about smart packaging trend.

Security of products:

One of the benefits of the latest trend is the safety of products, which is specially a mandate for food and medical products. A proper packaging is required to prevent any side effects of these products. In such cases, smart packaging come as a rescue.

Saleability & consumption quality:

When it comes to food and pharmaceutical products, maintaining consumption element is of utmost value. Smart packaging retains the consumptions quality of a product, thus promoting saleability of a product.

Rejuvenating brand:

Since the government has issued a protocol on the use of plastic for packaging, this has given a boost to smart packaging demand. For brands, the implications of smart packaging are positive in terms of potential savings and helps your brand to get a renewed approach in the marketing of your product.

One thing you keep in mind is keeping the packaging design attractive that will trigger consumer’s attention, thereby increasing your sales. Around the world, North America will take the lead due to growing demand in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The global demand for smart packaging will soar high in the coming years.

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